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Insight iCON - Overview

Real-life contexts for programming
Insight iCON offers a simple introduction to the sort of thinking involved in designing computer programs.  Its programming activities are presented in the context of control systems, a methodology which is used in industry to solve engineering problems.  The software simulates the use in the real-world of sensors to control electrical and mechanical devices such as bulbs and motors; they can be switched on and off in timed sequences or according to signals from sensors.  All the control actions may be performed as simulations on the screen, so, like design engineers, you can design and test complete control systems entirely on your iPad, without the need of extra equipment. 
Programming the natural way using English language.  
A control problem is usually solved by first breaking it down into simple stages.  This is the essence of the Insight method - each stage is represented by an easily understood instruction. The result is a well-structured program script.  This is perfect for introducing the logical thinking involved in computer programming.  The principles of computer science are implicit in the methodology. Insight iCON is an ideal teaching tool for the ‘Computing’ programme of study in the National Curriculum.

Activities, tutorials, projects, ‘Fixits’
Insight iCON includes over 100 activities consisting of project scenarios and sample control systems.  Each is equipped with on-screen instructions and complemented by worksheets in pdf format.
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