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The downloads on this page offer teachers additional resources for getting to know Insight Mr Bit better and for motivating younger pupils.  Click on the items to download the files.

IMB resources

Mr Bit Handy Guide

A summary of how Mr Bit works. Useful as a class handout.

Mr Bit badges template.pdf

Teachers’ Guide

A guide to how programming concepts and structures are expressed in the Insight Mr Bit Plain English method.

Mr Bit Handy Guide PC.pdf

Learning Pathway

A guide to using the Mr Bit learning resources

Mr Bit Brochure

Overview of the main features of Insight Mr Bit.

Mr Bit brochure 2019.pdf

Mr Bit Badges

Print your own Mr Bit badges or sticky labels.

Projects & 2D Models

Teachers’ Guide to the Mr Bit Projects with notes constructing 2D models.  Complete with cartoon templates for the models.

Mr Bit models.pdf

Mr Bit Certificates

Achievement rewards for pupils’ progress.

Mr Bit certificate - bronze.pdf Mr Bit certificate -silver.pdf Mr Bit certificate -gold.pdf

Progress Cards

Pupil’s personal record of completed Exercises.

progress card 1a.pdf progress card 2.pdf

Experiments Guide

Construction notes for DIY sensors kit and overview of all the Mr Bit Experiments with solutions.

Mr Bit experiments.pdf

Exercises Overview

All the instruction pages at a glance for the Exercises.

Mr Bit Exercises overview iOS .pdf Mr Bit Learning Pathway.pdf Programming with Mr Bit.pdf

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