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Insight Mr Bit is the ideal companion for learning how to make the BBC micro:bit do all sorts of fun things.

Its unique feature is that you create programs for the micro:bit in Plain English.  

Each sentence in a program says exactly what the micro:bit will do.

Mr Bit

What comes with Mr Bit Lite:

Tutorials to get you started

Exercises to practise skills

Experiments with connecting sensors

Projects with a 2D model of a Pelican crossing

Examples of clever things the micro:bit can do

When you create a Mr Bit program:

it works on the screen,

it can control the micro:bit by USB or Bluetooth

you can transfer the program for storage in the micro:bit’s memory.

IMB upgrade imblite-setup.exe

Download PC version


Mr Bit Lite also lets you program in Plain English and lets you try out all the main types of program activity, but with a reduced set of features.

You can: 

make the micro:bit show images, animations, messages and graphs

use the micro:bit on-board sensors for detecting movement, tilting, gestures and compass readings

connect extra sensors and control external devices like buzzers and motors

design and play games with the micro:bit

compose and play back music

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