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Here are the extra features that you get with the FULL version:

Upgrading to the FULL version of Insight Mr Bit



Input Sensors

button, switch, touch, acceleration, tilt angle, compass, gesture, temperature, light level

Add: Screen button, microswitch, magnet switch, light switch, sound level, potentiometer, moisture, ultrasonic distance, radio receive.

Output devices

LEDs display, LED, buzzer, piezo sounder, motor

Add: Light bulb, relay, solenoid, servo, buggy, pin output, radio transmit.

Control modules

Simple control, Assign variable, Pause

Add: Signal control, pulse control, timer, counter, calculation, screen message, sound, repeat.

Activity resources

14 Tutorials, 5 Exercises, 4 Experiments, 2 Projects, 11 Examples

14 Tutorials, 30 Exercises, 18 Experiments, 19 Projects, 11 Examples

Design & Simulation

Design & edit mode, Run mode (simulation), Communication    (USB & Bluetooth)

As for LITE


Choose micro:bit, Check mode, Control mode, Transfer mode    (USB & Bluetooth)

As for LITE

User screens

Scene view, System view, Connections view

Add: Customised background images. Connections view for breakout board and buggies.

Music editor

Music editor with preview and playback

As for LITE

Export & import

(Not available)

Saving, exporting and importing work and resources from Internet.

IMB programming IMB Lite download

Available from


and Apple Store