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Mr Bit Exercises

Mr Bit Exercises help users get to know the many labour-saving features of the control systems approach to programming. Each exercise is equipped with step-by-step instructions which break a problem down into simple tasks. The first exercises in the collection tend to have more detailed instructions than the later ones making a general gradient of challenge.  The variety of methods used in the exercises provide a useful skills base when pupils want to design their own systems.

A suggested solution is available for each exercise:  Click on the thumbnail image to download a solution.

(It will open automatically if you have Mr Bit installed on your computer or iPad)

Make the micro:bit display a smiley face which changes to a frown when you press a button.

Make the micro:bit give an answer “YES” or “NO” when asking someone a question.

Make the micro:bit display an arrow which always points upward, no matter which way you hold it in a vertical plane.

Make the micro:bit show a heart image which flashes as your heart beats.

Make the micro:bit show a ‘Goodnight’ message which gradually reduces in brightness after pressing a button.

Make the micro:bit choose a number from random and create a ‘Guess the number’ game.

Make the micro:bit count how many times button A is pressed, but reduce the count each time button B is pressed.   The count value is set to zero when the micro:bit is shaken.

Make the micro:bit measure acceleration while you hold down button A and show the result when you press button B.

Make the micro:bit show an arrow which points at random at one of four players sat around the micro:bit.

Make the micro:bit calculate multiplication tables by pressing the buttons.

Make the micro:bit calculate the square of a number entered by pressing button A.  The result is shown by pressing button B.

Make the micro:bit display an image of your own design. Make it flash and control it with a button.

Make an animation which shows snowflakes falling.

Make the micro:bit count the number of times a button is pressed.  When it reaches 7, show an animated image.

Make the micro:bit show an animation followed by a secret message.

Make the micro:bit display a point which behaves like a bull’s eye spirit level for showing when it is perfectly horizontal.

Make the micro:bit show an image of a sword which varies in brightness to give a glowing effect.

Create a 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' game by making the micro:bit choose a number from random and display an image.

Make the micro:bit show a bar graph when two people touch input pins.  The bar indicates how well matched the people are when they hold hands.

Create a 'Truth or Dare' game by making the micro:bit choose a number from random and display the word 'TRUTH' or 'DARE'.  The game starts when you press button A.

Make the micro:bit behave like a die when rolled on to a table: at random it shows one of six possible images.

The micro:bit digital pet needs to be cared for by feeding and sleeping. When it gets hungry you can feed it by pressing button A.  If you stroke it by pressing button B it will go to sleep for a while.

Make the micro:bit count how many times you can press button A in 5 seconds. You score a point if you can press it more than 15 times in the allotted time.  

Make the micro:bit play a music tune when you connect headphones and press button A.

Create a ‘Minesweeper’ game for the micro:bit. The goal is to find a hidden randomly placed mine within the LED display.  You use both buttons to scan all the LEDs.

This is a game simulating a falling ball which rebounds on hitting the ground.  Your task is to catch the ball on the rebound.The ball is released or caught when you press button A on the micro:bit.

Make the micro:bit measure and display the time interval between two presses of button A. Button B resets the micro:bit ready for another measurement.

Create a game for the micro:bit in which you have to dodge meteorites bombarding the Earth.

Create a ‘Catch the egg’ game for the micro:bit. An ‘egg’ falls from the top of the micro:bit and you have to catch it in a ‘net’ at the bottom.

Create a ‘Ping pong’ game for the micro:bit.  When you bat the ball, it will bounce back to you, but you have to move to bat it again.  The game continues until you miss a batting.  

IMB resources s04. Answering machine.isc s06. Magic arrow.isc s08. Flashing heart 2.isc s10. Night light.isc s12. Guess the number.isc s02. Smiley & Frowny.isc s01. Beautiful image.isc s03. Snowfall.isc s05. Lucky 7.isc s07. Secret message.isc s09. Spirit level.isc s11. Glowing sword.isc s13. Rock-paper-scissors.isc s15. Love meter.isc s17. Truth or Dare.isc s19. Die roll.isc s21. Digital pet.isc s23. Speed button.isc s25. Music maker.isc s27. Minesweeper.isc s29. Bouncy ball.isc s14. Counting up & down.isc s16. Zoomer.isc s18. Spinner.isc s20. Know your tables.isc s22. Squares.isc s24. Stopwatch.isc s26. Meteorite.isc s28. Catch the egg.isc S30. Ping pong.isc

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