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Simulation Insight - Key features

Running ready-built simulations to study relationships between variables
Simulation Insight comes with 58 ready-to-use models that allow students to explore properties and predict outcomes within a virtual environment. The student inputs parameters (using slider bars and digit windows that are linked to the model) and observes their effects whilst animated graphics bring the models to life. Topics covered include:
House Insulation
Global Warming
Newton's Second Law of Motion
Terminal Velocity
Orbits and Space
Water Cycle... and more

Analysis of data resulting from the simulations
Data can be collected from any simulation model and displayed for analysis in three ways: in graphs, bar charts and tables.

Graphs - for viewing the data as a series of points or lines on a YX graph
Tables - for looking at every single item of recorded data in the traditional format of columns and rows. This option has all the main features of a spreadsheet
Charts - for viewing a set of data as a series of horizontal or vertical bars for quick comparison

Modifying existing simulations
At the heart of any simulation program is a mathematical model, which contains all the rules and formulae governing the variables, as well as, performing all necessary calculations on them. Uniquely, Simulation Insight offers complete access to the model, allowing it to be modified easily - and the language employed for the modifications is English (just simple sentences).

To see how a model is built, you can view the simulation in three client windows as a Scene (the pictorial display with animated graphics, input controls and dials), as a Model (showing the variables, rules and constants that make the model work), and as a Script (displaying the rules).

Building new models
The software enables anyone to build their own simulation with customised graphics, animations and sound effects (a gallery of graphics and a folder of sound WAVs is supplied with Simulation Insight).

Sharing and saving work
Any of the client windows - Scene, Model, Script, Graph, Chart, Table - can be saved individually as .EMF files or printed separately (and scaled to fit any paper size). The whole project including all client windows can also be saved as a Simulation Insight compatible files (a .ISS).
Simulation Insight allows users to create their own models in order to better understand the patterns and processes in the physical world around them; so providing students with the perfect tool to explain how and why changes happen and the issues that arise from these changes. By using the simulations and models provided, or creating their own, students can explore “What if…?” scenarios to build on their scientific knowledge and understanding and to make connections between different areas of science.

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