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plain English programming language developed for Insight iCONTROL and featured in Insight Mr Bit.

Insight Mr Bit is our latest control program specially designed for creating programs for the BBC micro:bit.

micro:bit iOS app is the official app for programming the BBC micro:bit computer with iPads and iPhones.

Insight Resources was set up by Laurence Rogers in 2011 to continue the development of Insight titles formerly published by Logotron Ltd. Ever alert to the most recent developments in the world of computers and education, Insight Resources will maintain the integrity of the Insight programs and will continue to develop new versions and upgrades.

Support for all Insight programs is available via email: support@insightresources.co.uk.

About Insight Resources

Insight was first published as a data-logging program for the Acorn Archimedes computer in 1992 by Logotron Ltd.  At the time it was the culmination of a decade of research by Dr Laurence Rogers at the University of Leicester, developing sensing hardware, curriculum materials and software designs to explore the benefits of computers in practical science.

Insight iLOG VideoLab, the latest version, is the sixth generation of design of the program.  It provides a user environment finely tuned to the practicalities of classroom teaching in science, offering compatibility with hardware from a wide range of manufacturers, tools for helping pupils gain understanding from data, and curriculum materials which exemplify the value of data-logging in practical science.  It also incorporates systems for modelling and video analysis, making it an unrivalled medium for exploiting the educational advantages of computer-based data.
Insight iLOG for micro:bit is the most comprehensive software for data-logging with the BBC micro:bit.  It offers all the functions and curriculum support of iLOG VideoLab for recording data from sensors within or connected to the micro:bit.

Control Insight was first published in 2000 as a response to the emerging use of computers in technology education. A novel approach to designing control systems using natural language was invented as an alternative to the more symbolic programming languages in general use at the time.  The Insight approach has found great favour, especially in primary schools where a non-technical approach is valued.

Insight iCONTROL is the latest version of Control Insight, featuring a redesigned user interface developed with touch screens in mind.

Insight iCON is for teaching ‘computational thinking’ employed in computer programming. It features the