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iLOG J microbit features J ilog-microbit

Features of all programs:

Logging modes: Real-time, Snapshot, Remote, Virtual, Motion & timing
Versatile graph displays and data tables
Analysis tools: Readings, Change, Interval
Resource library of experiment instructions, sample data and set-up files
Tutorial videos, set-up wizards, quick reference help, online resources

Insight iLOG

The Insight iLOG data-logging programs are derived from Datalogging Insight which has been used in secondary schools since 1992.

The unique iLOG approach to data collection and display brings graphs, tables and charts to life in a way that facilitates analysis and promotes investigation.

Special features:

Video analysis: Import or capture video and trace moving objects

Oscilloscope, sound wave generator, wave spectrum analysis

Mathematical modelling system for generating simulated data

More analysis and curve fitting tools
iLOG VideoLab is compatible with over 50 types of data-loggers and interfaces, new and old, made by a variety of manufacturers.

Data-logging with the BBC micro:bit

All the features of iLOG VideoLab except video analysis
For Key Stages 3,4 and 5
iLOG Junior has a simplified user interface for younger pupils. Works with over 50 types of data-loggers and interfaces.
For Key Stages 2 and 3
Special features:

Cartoon movies animated by data from sensors and graphs.

Cartoon characters display data

Data-logging with the BBC micro:bit

All the features of iLOG Junior
iLOG J microbit ilog-microbit features features J iLOG J microbit