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Welcome wizard
This is a facility for configuring the program quickly for the most common uses.  There are step-by-step instructions, useful for new users, as well as quick set-ups required by more familiar users.
It gives ready access to:
A variety of logging modes for collecting data
A built-in library of set-up files for experiments, complete with on-screen instructions
Libraries of data files and online resources
Demonstration videos      
Interactive information about the connected interface and sensors  
Cartoon movies, unique to Insight iLOG Junior
Library of Set-up, Data and Movie files
The extensive library of iLOG files is available by thumbnail selection for easy recognition.  Files provide a valuable resource of exemplar activities with the program useful for demonstration, for practice or for pupil group work.  All set-up files contain on-screen instructions for the activity in attractive layouts.

Cartoon Movies
In the movie window one or more cartoon characters may be controlled using the signal from a sensor.  For example, an elephant can be made to walk across the scene in a window, using a light sensor; the brighter the light falling on the sensor, the further the elephant walks across the window. By waving a hand in front of the sensor, the elephant can be made to do a sort of dance of forwards and backward movements.  At the same time the graph builds up in the normal way as the data from the sensor becomes recorded.
When recording is finished, a complete replay of the movements of the elephant can be achieved by moving the cursor across the graph to take readings. Manipulating the sensors or the cursor across the graph offers valuable opportunities for pupils to associate the graph shape with changes in the readings from the sensor.

Notes window
As well as allowing users to write notes and comments on the data, this window facilitates the presentation of on-screen worksheets and instructions for data-logging activities.  The format allows the inclusion of images, movies and online resources.

Graph window
The presentation of data in the graph window is the major method of observing results.  The graph window offers several methods of adjusting the graph appearance:
A choice of showing sets of data in separate graphs or all combined in one graph
Quick access menus for selecting graph axes
Auto zoom and auto scale options for making data show up clearly, during or after logging
Stretch and squeeze actions for altering axes scales

The newest member of the iLOG family makes the famous features of the Insight iLOG brand available to the BBC micro:bit, turning it into a powerful data-logger.
iLOG Junior for micro:bit has been specially designed with younger pupils in mind, offering a similar range of data-logging functions and graph windows to iLOG for micro:bit, but with a simplified set of analysing tools and a library of experiments suited to the primary school curriculum.  A special feature of the program is a selection of cartoon movies which can motivate pupils’ interest in data-logging and graphs by introducing an element of fun.

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Logging:  iLOG collects data from the micro:bit via USB.  There are several collection modes providing real-time logging (as it happens), remote logging (download data from the micro:bit’s memory), snapshot logging and timing measurements.
Display: Data shows in a choice of windows simultaneously; Graph, Bar chart, Table and as large digits. Graph axes are easily scaled by stretch, squeeze, scroll and zoom actions.
Analysis: Cursor tools for obtaining values from the graph: Readings, Change, Time interval, Average.  
Timing: Precision timing facilities for measurements of time and speed.
Movies: Animated cartoon characters may be controlled by sensors or stored data and graphs.
Data files: Saving and loading data in a variety of formats including set-up files saving customised screens.
Resources: Scripted experiments and sample data files.

Sensors: The micro:bit contains sensors for acceleration, magnetic field, temperature and light. iLOG can show data from all these as well as from external sensors connected to the input pins.

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