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Programming with Mr Bit

The first steps in writing a program involve working out what instructions are needed.  

Mr Bit helps you sort these out and create the instructions in clear English sentences.

You decide on inputs and outputs, Mr Bit offers you choices and uses them to build a program script.

"When button A is pressed, show the LED image until button A is free."

You can run the script to see how it works and edit it if it needs adjusting.  

Then, at the touch of a button, Mr Bit controls the BBC micro:bit via Bluetooth wireless.

Insight Mr Bit comes with tutorials to get you started and over 40 exercises and projects to help you create images, animations, send messages, design games, control models and much more. 

Insight Mr Bit is available as an iOS app for the iPad (3rd generation and later) and as a program for PC Windows.

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