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LEARNING PATHWAY   Learning to program with Mr Bit

IMB home school

Mr Bit Tutorials explain how to create programs and the Exercises give you practice in developing programming skills.  Here is a suggested pathway which helps you build up your expertise in simple steps.

You don’t need the actual micro:bit to get started - all the programs work on the screen as a simulation.  However, you will soon realise that there is a lot of fun when you use your programs to control a real micro:bit.

START Tutorials

How to use Mr Bit

Skip this if you don’t yet have a micro:bit

How to build a simple program

How to make images and animate them

How to time images and messages

Now try Exercises

Create a flashing image

Control images with inputs

A repeating animation

Show a message with a gesture

Although the tutorials and exercises have clear instructions on how to build programs, remember not to stop there but use your imagination to make a program work slightly differently:  Try using different inputs or outputs, or try altering the conditions that trigger the action.

Images in a timed sequence

Sequence of fading images

Using a counter

How to make instructions in a sequence

How to make graphs on the LEDs

Gesture control of images

Graph control with level input

Gesture control of sequence

Control LEDs brightness

Random number game

Random images game

Using a touch input

How to use variables and random numbers

Random message game

Random image game

Random image game

Counting game

Measuring acceleration

Multiplication tables

How to count events

Calculate squares

Count rapid events

Creating tunes for the micro:bit

How to create tunes to play on the micro:bit

Bat and ball game

How to calculate new data from numbers

Images and animations number game

Measuring time with buttons

Dodging game

Detecting game

Catching game

Catching game

By now you will have learnt an impressive range of skills:

Making the LEDs show:

Building program instructions:

Working with data:

Some harder games to build

Download this page

Mr Bit Learning Pathway.pdf IMB Learning Pathway - Experiments

Experiments with sensors

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